Coverage for
Errors & Omissions
Errors and Omissions
coverage is usually part of a
professional liability
insurance policy. This
insurance covers damages
caused by mistakes or
errors made by the
professional or damages
caused by something the
professional failed to do or
omitted. Regardless of what
kind of business you own,
customers can claim that
something you did on their
behalf was done incorrectly,
and that this error cost them
money or caused them
harm in some manner.
Professional, semi
professional and serviced
type of work can at times
place an obligation on the
part of the individual to see
that the task is properly
performed. Any error or
omission in the performance
of a particular duty may
make the individual
responsible in damages.
Errors and Omissions
insurance is designed to
protect the individual in such
a situation.
Excess Liability
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