Coverage for Professional
A wrongful act is most often
described as an actual or
alleged unintentional
negligent act, error or
omission. Professional
liability insurance policies
offer coverage to
professionals who may
commit a wrongful act. It
protects you against claims
made by your clients
alleging that you were
negligent in providing or
failing to provide your
professional services. This
coverage is also sometimes
referred to as "malpractice
insurance" in the medical
Insurance premium
amounts will depend on a
number of factors, including
the level of professional
responsibility, the location
of your business or
practice, and the coverage
limits of insurance liability
that are chosen.
Professional Liability
Insurance Overview
Occurrence Type Policy
Covers events that occur
during the policy period,
regardless of when a claim
is filed.
Claims Made Type Policy
Covers a claim only if the
incident and the filing of the
claim occur while the policy
is in force and during the
retroactive period or tail
period of coverage offered
by the specific policy.
Excess Liability
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